Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Mary Walker

    The activity set I would choose to teach would be the ‘Sun and Shadows’ as it’s a topic I feel that could be reached in a fun and educational manner. A manner in which child could participate in a hands on way and engage rather than a traditional sit and listen approach.

    I would begin the lesson by introducing the idea of our own individual shadows. Have the children ever noticed there shadows ? Why do there shadows continuously follow them around ? I would let the children thoroughly discuss their ideas and swap them back and forth .

    Following this and depending on the environment (outdoor or indoor) I would have the children 1. Go outside and pair up, in these pairs the would aid each other in tracing their shadows onto the tarmac using chalks. 2. I would have them divide into groups, within these groups the students would each have a lamp and freedom to place whatever objects they would want in front of it in order to create shadows which they could trace with pencil etc on the paper . With method 1 I would have the children revisit the shadow traces later in the day and observe have the shadows moved if they were to stand in the original position. While with method 2 I would simply have the children alter the lamps angle to recreate the sun changes positions.

    Finally I would finish the lesson by discussing all that the children have learnt about shadows today , in order to solidify the knowledge further.

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