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Stephanie Mc Cann

    Module 4
    Activity: Animals in the Cold.

    Start lesson with a discussion of how we keep warm when it is cold, allow children to share their answers with each other. Then lead them on from that with ‘I wonder how animals keep themselves warm especially in the North and South Pole.

    Next show them two videos from youtube about the animals in the Arctic and Antarctic. ‘Walk in the Arctic for kids’- and ‘How do Animals survive in the Antarctica’

    Recap on what animals live in the north and south pole? What do we know about them? How do they keep warm? Blubber, Thick fur, huddling together. About how the penguin’s feathers and the polar bear’s fur are also covered in a layer of grease to repel water.

    Main activity:
    Fill a large plastic box with water, ice cubes, and small plastic animals that live in cold environments. Let the children explore the sensory box. Encourage them to touch the ice and move the animals around. Talk about how the cold water and ice feel, and how these animals live in such environments.
    I think the Vaseline idea from the esero activity is a great way to demonstrate how the water rolls off the hand with the greasy layer and I will definitely use this idea in the future with my class.

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