Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Grace O’Connor

    Activity Set: The Sun and Shadows
    I would use the activity in my senior infant classroom in the following way:
    • Flashlight (to represent the Sun)
    • Small toys or objects (to create shadows)
    • White paper
    • Markers or crayons
    • Outdoor space for observation
    • Clock
    1. Begin with a brief discussion about the Sun. Ask questions like “What is the Sun?” and “What do you think it does?”
    2. Explain that the Sun gives us light and helps us see during the day.
    3. Introduce the concept of shadows by showing a simple shadow puppet using your hand and a flashlight.
    Activity 1: Indoor Shadow Exploration:
    1. Pair students and give each pair a flashlight and a small toy.
    2. Turn off the classroom lights and have students use the flashlight to create shadows of their toys on the wall or paper.
    3. Encourage them to move the flashlight around to see how the shadows change.
    4. Discuss their observations: How do the shadows change when the light moves?
    Activity 2: Outdoor Shadow Observation:
    1. Take the students outside with white paper and markers.
    2. Have them place an object on the paper and trace its shadow.
    3. Note the time and position of the Sun.
    4. Return to the same spot later in the day to trace the shadow again.
    5. Discuss how the shadow has moved and changed size. Why do they think this happens?
    Conclusion and Discussion:
    1. Return to the classroom and gather students for a discussion.
    2. Ask them what they noticed about the shadows outside.
    3. Explain that as the Sun moves across the sky, our shadows move and change size.
    4. Reinforce the concept by summarizing how shadows are longer in the morning and evening and shorter at midday when the Sun is directly overhead.
    • Observe students during activities for engagement and understanding.
    • Review their drawings and shadow tracings to ensure they grasp the concept of changing shadows.

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