Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Jill O Callaghan

    I’m Jill. Next year I will be teaching Senior Infants. My favourite space fact: the sun is very big, one million earths could fit inside the sun.

    Inquiry-Based Activity: My activity is based on light and exploring light with different materials. Before beginning the lesson I would tell the children a story about a little boy who is always woken up very early in the morning because he has no blinds in his room. He really wants to get some blinds but he does not know what material they should be made of. The children will have a range of materials to test and a flashlight. Before recording results they will predict if they think the light will shine through or not. Materials used will include, paper, newspaper, tissue, cardboard, and tinfoil. Using their results the children will decide on which material would be most effective to use as blinds to stop the light from coming through.

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