Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Sinead Devlin

    I love the idea of the hands on activities for studying stars.

    I would use the books how to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers as a stimulus. This book will introduce the children to stars. We then will sing twinkle twinkle little star.
    We would then move on to the lesson lots and lots of stars. Again I would use the KWL chart to introduce the knowledge we might already have. We would work together as a whole class on this or small groups. I would use the key questions at this point.
    Have you ever seen the stars? What did they look like? Were there a lot of them? Do stars give light? When do you usually see the stars? Is the Sun a star too?’I love the ides of using marbles toad clear transparent jars to discuss stars. I may even use sweets like jellies to draw the children in.

    I thinks it would be lovely to create the paintings and stick them althoghetr as one big display to really show the children that there are lots and lots of stars.

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