Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Padraig McGrath

    Rocket Lesson Ideas:

    Introduce the lesson by showing the children a video of a rocket take off into space. Set a focus question for the children ‘what does the rocket look like? and what are the rockets features. Discus with the children what they saw in the video, focus on the rocket and it’s space and the direction that it moved. Then invite the children do design a rocket using a plastic bottle and various materials like tin foil, cotton wool, card, newspaper etc. Discuss the materials with the children before distributing them. Once the children have designed their rockets, carry out a test on their rockets. Discuss each of the rocket models and their features. Add baking soda and vinegar to each rocket and close the lid on the rocket. Investigate which rocket moved furthest into the sky. Invite various children to measure the height and various children to record the results. Discuss fair testing before the investigation takes place. Discuss the results with the children.

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