Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Daire Dwyer

    Activity Set: Space and Aliens.

    I like this activity as it incorporates a number of different topics such as Literacy, Drama  and Science  I would spend some time discussing what things they would like to show aliens if they ever visited our planet. I would discuss the features of animals or places. I would use the lesson to expand on listening skills of the children and I would call out instructions for the children to draw, I would describe unusual features of obscure animals such as the Platypus, Blobfish or the Angler Fish with the aim that the children would create unique, bizarre, alien-like pictures of the creatures. I would keep the language simple and aim it at the age range in my class. I hope that these drawings would lead to a conversation around what makes a creature an alien? With the added twist that these creatures do in fact actually exist on this planet of ours. In first class we are beginning to explore descriptive language and I would hope this lesson really taps into this area with lots of suggestions about what makes something look alien using lots of adjectives. I would use a book called “The Aliens are Coming by Colin McNaughton” as a stimulus for the lesson it’s a lovely, colourful book for younger children which also gives lots of descriptive language and adjectives about different aliens as they are coming to Earth.

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