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Laura Reidy

    This module has been great for providing excellent online resources for teaching about space. I look forward to using the stellarium app, astronomy picture of the day and Marvin and Milo resources. Marvin and Milo would be particularly good for building home school links and encouraging families to engage in science activities together. The activity set I would choose would be on weather and the lesson on what clothes to wear. I would begin the lesson with a visual presentation of pictures on the interactive whiteboard. We would discuss the different types of weather we see and introduce vocabulary surrounding weather. We would then chat about the seasons and briefly discuss the weather we would expect. I would then use the colouring pictures from the lesson, I would distribute them and tell the children to see if they can identify the season from the activity and weather. We would discuss our findings. From this I would choose one season to focus on, either summer or winter and have a bag of clothes ready to sort together. I would set the scene and tell them that I have to pack for my holiday to a very warm place, what would I need? The children then help to pack appropriate clothing and discuss why. As an extension of this lesson over the following days, we could discuss materials suitable for warm weather clothing and the children could design an outfit they would like to wear on holidays. You could teach about each season in turn in this way. The children could also do a weather study and each day you could record the weather for a week. I would use lots of songs and stories to support my teaching if this topic also.

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