Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Michelle Rowley

    Activity Set – Stars

    Trigger – read ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers.

    Discussion – This can lead to discussion about starts – what they know about stars, and anything they would like to know about stars. Let them look at pictures of stars and of the constellations – without names . What do they see?  – what shapes can they see? What would they call this constellation? Show children a variety of constellations and name them.

    Song  – Constellation song – BBC

    Make a constellation activity – The Plough

    Using a print out of The Plough constellation, black paper, string/ straws and pieces of tin foil. (as per ‘Seeing Stars’ activity on the Curious Minds website)

    Allow children to work in pairs on this, allowing for group/ collaborative work. To differentiate this activity allow some children to work with and measure the string, others to use some pre-cut straws. This enables the lessons to be adapted for all childnre in the class.


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