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Michelle Rowley

    Module 2 assignment

    The Activity set I would choose is The Planets. (Senior Infants)

    Trigger activity -A good starting point would be sitting in a circle – passing a picture around of all the planets. What do they know about the planets, can they name any? Do they know any planet facts? They might know the smallest planet, the largest planet, the hottest planet etc.

    Song – I have used The Planets Song from StoryBots  and also this The Solar System Song, beloved of any class I have taught. It gives little facts about each planets too.

    The Solar System Song – Kids TV123

    Playful active planet game – placing hoola hoops around the hall. The only yellow one is the sun. Others are the planets. Children run/walk  around the hall. Teacher can call out random words but when teacher names a planet, jump in a hoop, but not the sun! At the end of the game, can the children remember any of the names of the planets the teacher called out.

    Playful Solar System activity –  To understand the size of the planets and their distance from the sun. This is a model made on the floor or desks in the classroom.

    Place a large Beachball on the floor – Yellow if possible – This is the sun.

    Now, measure the distances below and with a tape measure and lay out the solar system!

    Mercury ….peppercorn….4cm (from the sun/ beachball)

    Venus…pea….   8cm

    Earth …pea…..8cm


    Jupiter…..Orange ….61cm




    I did this with a senior infant class a few years ago, to great success. The size of Jupiter, the distance that Neptune is away from the sun etc. astonished the children. The distances serve as representation, I don’t claim the are in exact proportions!!! It was a fun, hands on activity.







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