Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Bridget O Grady

    The activity set; Space and Aliens.

    There are so many books listed in the comments that can be used the begin an activity about Aliens.

    When Aliens come to tea.

    Here come the Aliens

    The way back Home.

    The Darkest dark


    I have use the story “Aliens Love underpants” as a stimulus for discussion about aliens . What will  “The Alien”  look like and how they might move, do they have eyes , a nose, ears, legs, arms, hands. What colour might the Alien be. We can use coloured paper to choose background and draw out Alien shape. Then we can glue googley eyes ,bits of foil, pipe cleaners or ribbon  on  to add features and texture. Teacher cuts out Alien to display.

    We also have an option of colouring the Alien Underpants.

    I have added a picture of the display from an activity with Early Start this year,

    Children enjoyed the activity and  also had fun moving like the Alien might move.


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