Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Laura O Neill

    My name is Laura and I will be teaching 1st class in September. My favourite space fact is that space is completely silent.

    A lesson that I have done before is to make bird feeders with my class. I started by posing the problem – “It is Winter and birds find it difficult to find food to survive”. We discussed what we could do to help and suggested making bird feeders. I had a variety of materials ready that children could explore and use when making the feeders. They worked in groups and decided on their plan. Some groups used an empty plastic bottle filled with seeds and made little holes for birds to feed from. Other groups used an empty toilet-roll tube, covered it with peanut butter and rolled it in seeds. They then threaded a string through this to hang it from a branch. We then hung them outside and eagerly waited for the birds to eat the seeds. We made predictions about the types of birds that we might see and were excited to see if our predictions were right or not. We also discussed which feeder we thought worked best and decided the plastic bottles lasted longer and didn’t crumble in the rain.

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