Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Padraig McGrath

    Teaching the plants:

    1. Introduce the 8 planets to the children. Sharing picture and fun facts with the children. The children will have an opportunity to share their prior knowledge regarding the planets. They will also have an opportunity to ask questions they may have about the planets.

    2. Planet Passports: The children create passports for each planet with fun facts and pictures of the planet.

    3. Then the children will ‘travel’ to each planet (stations in the classroom). When the children are at each station they will learn about the planets size, atmosphere, and unique features. While the children are at each station they can write down questions that they many have about the planet. This will create inquiry based questions that can be explored in another science lesson based on space.

    4. Planet Matching Game: The children must match the planet with the fun fact about each planet. This will identify any issues or areas the need to be further explored.

    5. Planet song to reinforce the children’s learning of the 8 planets.

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