Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Sinead Devlin

    Planets Journey through the solar system.

    Activity SET The Planet

    I think this lesson is excellent for reinforcing content learnt in the classroom. I would use this lesson in a junior classroom.  The learning objectives are very clear
    1.Know/recognise the names of the eight planets
    2. Know that the planets revolve around the Sun and that the Sun gives light
    3. Differentiate between in front, behind, above, below, left and right
    4. Be given opportunities to listen, understand and respond
    Begin by showing the children a model of the planets.

    I will ask children to draw what they see and then in partners speak to each other about what they are drawing.

    We can then create class KWL chart to direct what we want to learn.

    We will then focous on the planet song. The planet song is an great teaching resource.  As again you can appeal to all learning types.

    Following this we will move to they school hall. Through the active learning of the lesson. It is very easy for the teacher to assess pupils achievements.  This lesson will keep pupils active and engaged and learning through play.

    To conclude the lesson the we will watch story bots and return to the KWL chart.

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