Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

David Gavin

    The Lesson that I would teach is The Spherical Earth.

    Similar to other contributors of this forum I would introduce a Globe to the children accompanied by props of a Polar Bear and a Penguin on opposite Poles.

    I would pose the question ” Which of this 2 animals are upside down?”

    I would then procede to turn the globe to demonstate that neither of the animals are upside down, despite it appearing as if they were.

    I would use the Earth Mosaic to further develop the lesson.

    To conclude I would use Google Earth on both the Interactive white board and on the pupil’s tablets to offer them an oppertunity to explore the structure of the earth.

    An additional resource I would use is a map of the world. By manipulating the Map and attaching the left and right side of the map together you can demonstrate that the map is actually connected on both sides.

    The key objective of this lesson is to challenge an misconceptions held by the children so that they can develop an understanding that the Earth is a spherical object.

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