Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

colette browne

    For a fun and interactive lesson on the sun and shadows for Senior Infants, you can start by reading a storybook about shadows and how they are formed. Then, take the students outside to observe their own shadows at different times of the day. Back in the classroom, introduce a shadow tracing activity where children can use flashlights and objects to create and trace different shadow shapes on paper. You can also have them create a “Shadow Journal” to record their observations and drawings of shadows throughout the day. To enhance the learning experience, incorporate digital resources such as a short video explaining how shadows are formed or interactive shadow games on educational websites. Websites like National Geographic Kids or Scoilnet often have engaging content related to science concepts like shadows. By combining hands-on activities, outdoor exploration, and digital resources, this lesson can provide a well-rounded learning experience for senior infant children to understand the sun and shadows concept.

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