Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Profile photo ofFrances.McCarthy@bco.ieFrances McCarthy

    Hi Christine,

    with your familiarity with the Curious Minds/ESER Framework it is great to see how you would use it in the classroom.

    This type of activity where there is a “catchy” demo (putting the Vaseline on children’s hands) can also be structured to support deeper science understanding by having the demo as part of the wonder/explore or even as the prompt itself.

    Then the children might wonder  – ‘does more Vaseline make me more waterproof?’ and make their prediction about that aspect of the activity and then try it out to see if they were right.

    Another child might wonder ‘I think that as long as there is some Vaseline you’ll be waterproof and it doesn’t matter how much’ and investigate that.

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