Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Sean Flanagan

    Activity Set: Space and Aliens.
    I like this activity set and feel that it could be easily taught in second class. I particularly like this activity as it integrates drama, science, art and English and has endless possibilities in the class. I would start by explaining that Earth is a planet in space. Ask what they would want to show visitors from other planets about Earth. Encourage ideas about special objects or animals and how they might look to someone not from earth. Have them draw and act out a message to share Earth’s wonders.I would then expand to discuss aliens. Currently in second class, we spend each term focussing on different writing genres in English. Using this lesson on drawing aliens and acting out different scenes and stories, it links in great to narrative writing. In my classroom, I would use the drawing and descriptions on their aliens as a base for a narrative story on the theme of space. A book I have used before, ‘Aliens love underpants’ could be used a stimulus to get children thinking about aliens and different images of them. Pictures of aliens from popular children’s films, Monsters Inc, ET or Space Jam could be explored to create oral discussion.

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