Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Yvonne Kelly

    A lesson on Space and Aliens;

    1. Storybook “Aliens Love Underpants” by Claire Freedman

    2. Props such as toy spaceships, paper alien masks etc

    3. Paper, twistables

    4. Space-themed background music


    Lesson will start by playing space-themed music such as Star Wars in the background to set the mood. I will elicit from the children what they already know about space and aliens. Record their responses on the whiteboard.  Read the storybook ‘Aliens Love Underpants’, engaging the children by showing them the illustrations and encouraging them to ask questions. Ask leading questions; “What did the aliens look like?” “What do you think aliens eat?” “If you met an alien, what would you say to them?” Paper and colours are distributed and the children are encouraged to draw their own alien or spaceship, reminding them to be creative and use their imagination. An extension activity could be using an A3 sheet of paper folded in quarters. Class divided into 4 and each group given a specific body part to draw. This could be further tied into Maths by saying they could only use 2D shapes. We will listen to the song  Time will be given at the end of the lesson to share their drawings or any new things they learned about space and aliens.

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