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Claire Kelly

    Hands on activities

    Weather    — ‘Animals in the cold ‘        ‘Clothes to wear ‘

    I would start the lesson by discussing different weather .The children could talk about different things they do in each season and how they dress . I would explain that some places are always cold .I would then show the children pictures of  animals who live in the cold like arctic foxes, penguins and polar bears. I would ask them to describe what they see in the pictures -their body covering , size, shape, colouring . Get their opinions on how they keep warm .

    Then I would introduce the 3 ideas of extra fat layer, extra deep  thick fur or feathers and water proof coating .Use the Vaseline on the child’s hand to demonstrate water proofing .

    I would then revise what they have learned about animals adapting to the weather where they live. The follow on lesson would focus on humans and how they adapt to different weather by wearing different clothes for season changes. The dress up box would be a lovely hands on activity to use to demonstrate clothes for different temperatures.


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