Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Fiona Daly

    The activity I would do in my classroom is the Sun and Shadows activity. As this is weather permitting, it would be carried out during the summer term and across a week depending on the weather.


    The trigger would be an image of the sun and a range of light sources to get the children talking about light, how it travels in straight lines and what happened when the light is blocked. A discussion on shadows would be undertaken too.

    One of the main activities would be drawing the outline of the children’s shadows out in the playground. Another activity would be carried out at different times during the day or week, investigating how shadows change throughout the day. The children would choose a toy to draw around the shadow of. They would do this using paper and at different times throughout the day or week. The toy and the position of the toy would remain constant. The time of day would change. The child would discuss any changes they notice at the end of the day/week across the different shadow outlines.

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