Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Paula Mc Gee

    I would choose the activity set: The Sun and Shadows
    To engage the children I would show pictures of astronomer slooking at the sky and then ask the children to daw a picture of the sky at night and during the day with accompanying sentences if possible.
    Following this we will read the book Moon Bear’s Shadow discussing his shadow in different situations and when he has a shadow.
    After looking at shadows of objects in the classroom using torches and various objects in the classroom, I would bring the children outside and get them to find their shadow. For fun the children will then draw their partner’s shadow using chalk.
    On another day I would close the blinds and look at the uv beads with the children talking about their colour. The we will make bracelets and go outside to observe the effects of the sun’s light on the beads. We will discuss the danger of uv rays and importance of wearing suncream and not looking directly at the sun.

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