Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Christine O’Brien

    Activity Set: Space and Aliens

    How would you use the activity in your classroom?

    Both activities in this set really work to develop further two activities that we did in Senior Infants recently.

    We completed a drama activity whereby children had to work in groups to act out a scene of the arrival of an alien but the only word they were able to use was ‘Alien’. Doing the ESERO lesson Special Life prior to this would equip them to further develop the scene in greater detail and create better linkage across the curriculum.

    We also completed a similar activity to the Mars – Design a Martian activity. We read a story by Colin McNaughton titled ‘Here Comes the Alien’ and we used this a springboard to design an alien using play-doh and craft materials. I really like how the activity takes it a step further, connecting it to real-life (Mars) and across the curriculum (sorting and classifying in Maths). It creates a better structure on the activity and is definitely something I will use in tandem with it in the future.

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