Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Jennifer Dempsey

    One inquiry based lesson I’ve previously carried out with second class and they loved was the following. I think I’ll try it in 1st class this year too but just support them a little more where needed.

    More information and resources can be found here:

    I printed this during Space Week one year and use it each year depending on class level.

    Prompt: Show pictures of the planets in our solar system.

    Ask the students what sizes they think the other Planets are compared with Earth.

    • Ask if they know what the biggest and smallest planets are.

    Describe and compare the various sizes of the planets from pictures used.

    Activity: I would carry out this in groups of 4 or 5.  • Show the students all of the fruits available and ask for guesses as to which ones represent which planets, ask for reasoning when they give guesses. • Place all the fruits on a table. Have labels with names of planets but don’t match the fruits to the labels, have the students figure out where each should go, using the hint card that you can print off from the activity framework.  • Go around to the various groups and listen to their discussions and reasoning as to which fruits correspond to which planets.

    Finally: Discuss the correct sizes as a class.

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