Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Criona Corroon

    Hi Usurla. I really like your ideas for teaching infants.

    1. Draw Your Own Constellation: I really like this idea! Using black sugar paper, gold star stickers, and chalk to create constellations sounds engaging. Preparing dots for students to stick the stars and then connecting them with chalk lines is a great way to explore constellations.

    2. Distance from the Sun: Ah, the loo roll solar system plan with fruit – brilliant! It’s a fun way to teach kids about the vast distances between planets. Comparing the sun (our huge star) to different fruits as planets is both creative and educational.

    3. Pegs and Boards Play: I find this intriguing! Having students join the dots on the “Draw Your Own Constellation” template and discuss what they see in the constellations is a clever way to encourage observation and creativity.

    4. YouTube Clip Integration: Excellent choice! Visual resources can enhance learning. The YouTube clip will provide visual ideas and make the lesson more interesting.

    5. Naming a Star Poll: I love this interactive element! Eliciting ideas for star names and displaying children’s votes using colored post-it notes is a fantastic way to involve students and show that naming a star is possible.

    6. Craft Templates: These age-appropriate templates from In the Bag Kids Crafts are perfect. Crafting and exploring constellations will not only build interest but also promote language skills.

    Overall, this lesson seems engaging and well-rounded and fun. Thanks so much.


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