Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Criona Corroon

    I would teach a lesson trying to explore the concept of space, planets, and imaginary aliens and to encourage creativity and imagination.
    We would need: A copy of the picture book “Beegu” by Alexis Deacon, A4 paper, colours.
    I would begin by showing the children the cover of the book “Beegu” and introduce the main character, Beegu, an adorable alien. I would also explain that we’ll be going on our own alien adventure today!
    I would then read aloud the picture book “Beegu. I would also encourage the children to pay attention to Beegu’s experiences on Earth and how she interacts with humans. We could discuss the emotions Beegu feels and how she tries to find her way back home
    After reading I would ask the children to imagine their own alien friends. I would then invite the children to draw their unique alien characters, thinking about what features their aliens might have (number of eyes, shape, colour, etc. The next step would be to have each child share their alien drawing with the group. I would encourage them to describe their alien’s personality, where it comes from, and what special abilities it has, reminding them that just like Beegu, their aliens can be friendly and curious. A good extension activity could be to write a Letter to Beegu .Or even the whole class might write a friendly letter to Beegu, telling her about our Earth and the special things we have here. We would try to mention the objects or animals we’d want Beegu to see if she visited us. Finally I would conclude the lesson by emphasizing the power of imagination and how stories like “Beegu” inspire us to explore beyond our world.
    I would remind the children that even though real aliens haven’t been found yet, our imaginations can take us on incredible adventures.

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