Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Paula Mc Gee

    Learning Objectives:
    design and make a boat that will float
    explore the relationship between the shape of the boat and the weight it will carry
    To engage the children I will ask them to roll a piece of plasticine into a ball and drop it into the basin of water. Did it sink or float?
    Predict: could we get the plasticine to float?
    Ask the children to play around with the plasticine to see if they can get it to float.
    Children record the results in 2 boxes: sink and float. They would do this by simply drawing the shape of the plasticine in the relevant box e.g. draw a ball in sink
    Look at some record sheets as a class and discuss the shapes that floated.

    Wonder- What shape floats best?
    Next steps: look at pictures of boats and their shape. Watch video of a boat cutting through the water. Discuss what we see.
    Design and make: make a boat with plasticine that will float and carry as many passengers (peas) as possible.

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