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Sarah Breen

    Hi all,

    My name is Sarah, I am currently support teaching for Senior Infants but will be taking Senior Infants mainstream in September.

    My favourite fact about space is that there are more stars in the milky way than the number of humans that have ever been born.

    I chose this course as I feel that Space is one of those areas that captures the imagination no matter what age you are as there is always more to learn.

    A very simple inquiry -based activity that I have used time and time again is Making Rice Krispie buns.

    The materials needed are very simple-Cooking chocolate, Rice Krispies, A bowl and Spoon

    Before starting I would hold up a few bottle of different household items drink and would teach children the word liquid if they did not already know it. I would also hold up blocks and some other classroom items and talk about they are solid.

    I would discuss and question the children on what will happen to the solid bar of chocolate when we put it into the microwave and inadvertently we are discussing states of matter- introducing the concept without overwhelming the children with very complicated language.


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