Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Mary Herlihy

    Hi my name is Mary. I am currently a SET teacher. I do a lot of in class teaching and I thought this course would be very helpful especially in the area of Aistear.


    My interesting space fact-The hottest planet in our solar system is 450C


    .How you would use one enquiry based activity in your classroom.


    Students have questions that they are hungry to answer.


    Use Trigger question –Oops I have spilled water what will I use to clean it up?

    Brainstorm ideas


    Exploring the materials you have to clean up the spillage

    What are the materials like

    Similarities/ Differences

    Have you seen or used the materials before


    Predict- Which material would work best?


    Conduct the Investigation

    Spill water on table /Tray

    Use a material at a time to soak up the water

    Observe which one they think works best

    Record results-Put a smiley face next to the material that worked best . Put a sad face next to the material that worked worst.


    Interpret the results

    Make a pictogram using smiley faces of the results.


    Extension- Which material would you use to make a coat for Teddy?


    Teacher Reflection on activity.


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