Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Fiona Daly

    Module 1: How I would use one inquiry-based activity in my classroom.

    Strand- Materials

    Strand Unit- Properties and Characteristics of Materials

    Learning Objective- . Explore, investigate, identify and recognise ways of keeping things cool.

    Trigger- Picture of icelollies in the sun, melting.

    Wonder- Why are they melting? How can we stop them from melting? What are insulators? What are conductors?

    Exploring- Discuss how quickly/ slowly the ice-lollies melts? Examine cool bags, items that are used for keeping things cool. Show the children the various materials which you have brought in and ask them: “Which of these materials do you think would be the best for keeping ice lollies cool?” “Next best”, etc. “How do you think we could carry out a fair test to try to answer this question?

    Starter Question- What material do you think will slow down the melting of the ice lolly?

    Predictions- Record these

    Investigation- Groups of children use a different material and cover the icelollies. Discuss fair testing. What will be the same (layers of material, size of material, same icelolly type, all in the shade or all in the sunlight? What will be different, materials used?. Control: unwrapped icelolly.

    Sharing- What happened? Sharing and interpreting results.




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