Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Profile photo ofFrances.McCarthy@bco.ieFrances McCarthy

    Hi Alyson,

    You can find some activities on solar system and scales here and in Irish.

    and the club resource from has a table with the steps for a walking solar system.

    This might be useful to extend the learning to show the spacing of the planets, which is very unexpected.

    so instead of just

    The children need to rearrange themselves in order of closest and furthest away to the sun.”

    ordering themselves, they can try to space themselves out as well.

    This can then link nicely to your question of “how this could effect the planet.” Children might find out about how temperature varies with distance from a heat source – and they could use a radiator in winter as the heat source. Children’s predictions could be tested to develop and confirm their scientific understanding.

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