Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Claire Kelly

    I would chose ‘The Sun and Shadows’  as a lesson for infant children .

    I can actually remember my own teacher doing this type of lesson when I was in primary school which was a long time ago. It fascinated me that you didn’t need a watch to tell tell the time . Also stepping on our friends shadow was a fun game !.

    The children could make  a sundial in the yard using the upturned flower pot with a bamboo stick poking out of it and facing it south on a sunny day . The children could be divided into groups to mark the position of the shadow with chalk every hour . Checking the shadow with the actual time over the course of a few days would be interesting for them . Comparing the result over a few weeks  (waiting for sunny days ) would be an interesting investigation for them.

    Dividing the class into small groups with the help of an SNA and having them follow their shadow over the course of a sunny day would also be exciting for them. The children could predict the  direction and length of their shadow every hour and then conduct their investigation . Following on they would interpret their findings and come to conclusions with teacher scaffolding the discussion.


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