Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Alyson O Rourke

    Aliens and Space

    I would introduce this lesson by reading the children the story ‘When Alien Comes For Tea’ in a circle. We would discuss the events of the stories and I would question the children on Aliens. Questioning would occur surrounding do all aliens look the same, why/ why not? I would ask the children to share Aliens they may be familair with from books or tv shows. After this, I would divide the class into pairs. Each pair would recieve a variety of cards (eyes, body, feet, nose, arm, etc).I would model the activity first ‘My alien has 3 eyes, a purple body, wiggly arms and no legs’ The children would experiment with the different cards to create their own Alien. I would then ask the children to descibe their Alien to me. Discussion would occur surrouding the differences and similarities of the Aliens. In a follow on lesson, I would get the children to create their aliens using playdough and a variety of different materials such as string, googley eyes, lollypop sticks

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