Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Claire Kelly

    Teaching an inquiry based activity

    Strand  :Energy and Force          Strand Unit    : Force

    Learning objective   :The children should be enabled to investigate how forces act on objects

    Engage : I’m going to Smyths to buy a fast vehicle for my 5 year old son. Using toy cars/trucks/lorries etc from play box I’d ask the children which one should I buy that would be the fastest. Use the question ‘I wonder?’ Invite the children to explore.

    Investigate :    Present  different size ,weight ,shape, number of wheeled vehicle Predict : Get the children to predict the fastest over a smooth surface /rough surface /on an incline   -record their predictions on the board

    Conduct the investigation :  Divide the children into small groups to conduct their investigation

    Share /Interpret data ;  Report back their findings

    Reflect :Teacher reflect if children achieved the learning objective /Adapt in future to improve results

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