Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Saoirse Gleeson

    Activity Set: Stars

    1.Introduction:Begin by introducing the topic of stars and space to the students. Discuss the importance of stars in the universe and their role in the night sky.

    2. Reading Activity: Distribute copies of the “Lots and Lots of Stars” document to the students or display it on a screen for the class to read together. Encourage students to read the document individually or in small groups and highlight key points or interesting facts about stars.

    3. Discussion: Facilitate a class discussion based on the information presented in the document. Encourage students to share their findings, ask questions, and express their thoughts on the topic of stars.

    4. Hands-on Activities: Make a Star Lantern.

    5. Creative Projects: Encourage students to create their own star-themed projects. They can design posters, write poems, create artwork or draw their own constellations.

    6. Interactive Learning: Do a Kahoot Quiz to reinforce learning and make the topic of stars more engaging for students.

    7. Conclusion :Conclude the lesson by summarizing the key takeaways about stars and space. Encourage students to reflect on what they’ve learned and how it has enhanced their understanding of the universe.

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