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Eleanor Mc Sweeney

    Activity: Stars
    Aiming this lesson towards infants, I would begin by teaching the classic nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle”. I would ensure to have the word star printed in the classroom and refer to the word phonetically or children can look up at the word for letter formation. It would also be a great word for blending s-t-a-r = star. We will also use the word star to practise rhyming. Children will be invited to give words that rhyme with the word star

    Maths – Star shape, counting how many points to a typical maths star shape, what shape makes the points, ie. Triangles etc. I would reinforce this by simple activities such as tracing and cutting to consolidate learning

    Art – I would introduce a star related story such as “How to catch a star”. I would then move on to do the lots and lots of stars activity from module 3.

    SESE : Focus in on learning about stars in our solar system. I would begin by doing a think pair share to understand what the children know to date. I would then play to help children learn about stars in our solar system. After, I would do a discussion in a circle. I would have a star (cut out of cardboard and decorated). Children would be invited to share what they have learned. As they share with others, they will hold the star.

    Music: Tempo – Discussion about fast and slow. I will play Star Light, Star Bright and children listen and decide if the music is fast or slow.

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