Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

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    Have you thought about how the framework for inquiry might be used for gravity activities?

    Here is an example of a senior infant class, with a demonstration of a spinning bucket and how the spinning can balance gravity and stop the water from coming out of the bucket  – this could be a great prompt to get the ideas going.

    The module gives the example of the very simple ESERO Activity of dropping things – would that be too simple for your Senior Infants?

    Could you say a bit more about your step  4?

    Research: Have students research more about gravity. They can explore how gravity works in space, why objects fall at the same rate regardless of weight, or even the history of our understanding of gravity.

    What books or supports might senior infants need to do this research? Have you videos that you might show them that you can recommend?  Please note that ideas of rate of fall and it being independent of mass is something that would be covered at leaving certificate level in Ireland.



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