Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Yvonne Kelly

    An inquiry-based lesson using Bee-Bots to simulate space exploration

    1.Introduction: Start by introducing the Bee-Bots and explaining the goal of the activity – reaching different planets. They will be displayed on charts in the classroom, Programme your BeeBot to go to Neptune, Jupiter…

    2. I will elicit information from the children about the solar system and the planets. They can gather information about each planet’s size, distance from the sun, and unique characteristics.

    3.The children will programme the Bee-Bots to simulate traveling to different planets. They can create a map or layout representing the solar system and use the Bee-Bots to navigate to each planet.

    4.I will encourage students to think critically about the distance between planets, obstacles in space, and how the Bee-Bots can overcome challenges to reach their destination.

    5. After the activity, the children will reflect on their experience. I will ask them what they learned about the solar system, coding, and problem-solving.


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