The American Revolution

Secondary School: Junior Cycle» History

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This website is created to maxmise the resources that are available on the Internet in the teaching of the American Revolution. The vast majority of resources are created for American schools but still prove to be of use to Irish teachers. This website hopes to make the topic more audio-visual and more engaging for the students to use. There are links to teacher-based resources created by other teachers that can be adapted for use in the Irish classroom. Any comments or suggestions for improvement are welcomed. This website can be used both with a teacher with a data projector, or within an ICT lab where students have an individual PC to work from. Alternatively it can be suitable to use as homework or work at home activity.

Curriculum Addressed

The American Revolution topic forms part of what is usually taught in the 2nd year of the Junior Certificate History Syllabus. A small part of the website could be used and adapted with the Age of Exploration topic.

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