Religions and Beliefs of Dublin

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This project centres on different religions and beliefs to be found in Dublin. It explores the different belief systems and provides information on organising visits to places of worship in Dublin. The project is designed so that it can be completely classroom based or alternatively involve visiting some of the places of worship in small groups or as a whole-class activity. Sample lesson plans and teaching strategies introduce some of the key areas of study, i.e. festivals, design of places of worship/meeting places, history of religions/beliefs, customs and attitudes related to people and their places of worship. Fact sheets on each of the religions/beliefs are included in the project. These give teachers background knowledge of the faiths involved in the project and could be printed for use by the children.

This is a cross-curricular project and integrates religion, reading, writing, geography, history, communication skills, drama, art and craft.

The aim of Project is to make available on the Internet a practical guide for teachers implementing with their classes a project on the Religions and Beliefs of Ireland.

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