Lifetimes and Culture of Ancient Rome

Secondary School: Junior Cycle» History

Project Type:

This is an educational website, constructed for the purpose of teaching the history of ancient Rome to a young audience. Presenting information on the Ancient Roman Empire through the use of web pages allows the students to explore history through a modern medium and offers an alternative basis for learning. It also enables the students to learn at their own pace. The use of multimedia and hypertext in the classroom has the potential to change the way we teach and the way children learn. The project contains lesson plans with associated activities for the students and summary exercises.

Curriculum Addressed

The Romans topic from the Junior Certificate History Syllabus. The constructivist approach to learning is implicit in the website is in accordance with the spirit and ethos of the recent NCCA curriculum guidelines.


Teachers will, I believe, see the benefits of using this media to facilitate a shift to a classroom that is more student centred and less teacher controlled. This project could be used as the basis for a website on other civilisations e.g. Greek or Egyptian.

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