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This project uses interactive Flash games to make learning a language, particularly Irish, an enjoyable experience. Its function is to reinforce basic language skills used in the initial stages of learning a language. The site is divided into two sections, Irish and German. Each section contains a set of five learning units. The learning units consist of games, exercises based on three cartoon characters, and word puzzles. Vocabulary relating to the person, the family, counting and time, counting people, school subjects and materials, is addressed. The games enable the students to proceed at their own learning pace and contribute a fun element to learning a language. The student can play the games and print out the exercises (including revision exercises). The exercises can also be downloaded as word documents for use by the student or the teacher. Teachers can make changes to the exercises to suit their own lesson plans. Entering the site the student first chooses the language - Irish or German. The navigation bar lists the five learning units, the exercises, and information for teachers and students. Each learning unit is divided into a games section and an exercise section. The sections can be used in any order but initially it is recommended to start at the first game and then proceed to the first exercise, and so on.


This site is suitable for use as a language learning resource for beginners in Irish and German. Its primary objective is to reinforce basic language skills. The content is suitable for senior primary and junior second-level students including second-level special education classes. The site relates to the Junior Cert Foundation Level Irish syllabus and to the Junior Cert Pass syllabus in>
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