A Study of Norway, Sweden and Denmark

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This project uses the web in a focused way to learn about the countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Children are encouraged to work collaboratively in a meaningful way to learn about these countries. Factual information relating to each of the countries location, climate, culture, climate, capital city and economy is presented to the children in a meaningful manner. A wide variety of activities are suggested in relation to the project. It may be necessary to adapt certain parts of these lessons to suit the individual needs of the class. Tests relating to the material covered in the website are also covered. While the children are directly involved with one website, they are encouraged to look up further additional websites to find more information.

Curriculum Addressed

This project addresses the strand relating to Human Environments in the curriculum. According to the curriculum the aims of such studies includes "developing an awareness of the interdependence of the people in these places and the people in Ireland". Also it is to learn to value and to respect the diversity of peoples and their lifestyles in these areas and other areas of the world.


Additional information may be located perhaps in the school library. Children could be encouraged to write letters to the various embassies. All the information they gain will be presented in the form of a class project - groups may be formed within the class working on different topics. For example one group might design a brochure on Norway. It may also be possible to set up links with some students in these countries in order to make the project more real to the children.

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  • Client Name: Christine Flanagan
  • Project URL: http://resources.teachnet.ie/cflanagan
  • Skills Needed: Some pre-requisite knowledge of web navigation is essential. This project is more suitable to children in sixth class. It may be adopted to suit different ability levels.
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