Getting the Most From Your Interactive Whiteboard

Getting the Most from your Interactive Whiteboard

 Boy writing onscreen‘Explore practical uses of the Interactive Whiteboard in your classroom. Experience a wide range of exemplar activities and practical step-by-step tutorials while also learning how to create your own classroom materials’

Course Modules

1. Getting to know your IWB software (ActivInspire, SMART Notebook & eBeam Scrapbook)

2. Finding Curriculum Resources Online

3. Organising and Sharing Resources

4. Creating Your Own Resources

5. Interactive Teaching and Learning

Technical Requirements

This course is suitable for novice users and you do not need access to an IWB while participating. All our courses require broadband Internet access (Min of 2mb recommended) and participants need to be familiar with using the internet, downloading and installing software.

Course Objectives

Teachers will be enabled to locate and create interactive educational resources which maximise the potential of the Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom. They will gain an understanding of how the use of ICT in practical ways can make learning more stimulating for their students.

Expected Outcomes

The participants will develop their ICT skills through the location, manipulation, organisation and creation of curriculum resources suitable for use with the Interactive Whiteboard. They will understand how the integration of this process into their everyday teaching will help their students’ learning.

Course Duration

Delivered online, this course can be taken anytime, anywhere between September 12th and December 31st 2019. Participants will be encouraged to engage meaningfully with course content for approximately 20 hours.

Cost:€89 | Enrol | Current Courses

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