Enhancing Numeracy with your Interactive Whiteboard


ActivInspire_Secondary-web‘This course will introduce participants to a range of practical ways in which they can use their IWB to improve pupils’ numeracy skills and integrate ICT into their existing numeracy activities.’

Course Modules

1.IWB Maths Tools and Manufacturer’s Resources

2.Finding Numeracy Resources Online

3.Creating your own resources for Numeracy

4.Mathematical Problem-Solving 1

5.Mathematical Problem-Solving 2

Technical Requirements

All our courses require broadband Internet access (Min of 1mb recommended) and participants need to be familiar with using the internet, downloading and installing software.

Course Objectives

The course objective is for teachers to have a fuller understanding of how ICT and in particular the IWB can be integrated into their numeracy activities and to provide them with the skill-set to implement some of these activities on their return to school. Teachers will be enabled to locate and generate numeracy resources for use on their Interactive Whiteboard. Participants will also explore the nature of mathematical problem-solving. They will base their teaching of mathematics on contexts that engage their pupils’ interests and maximize the interactive aspects of the IWB.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will have a fuller understanding of how ICT can support numeracy in their classrooms and will be aware of new approaches to developing numeracy skills.

They will be able to support the development of numeracy using ICT in their classrooms and support pupils’ engagement with realistic mathematics problems.

They will be able to support pupil acquisition of numeracy using ICT and support pupils in regulation of their own mathematics learning through the use of ICT.

Course Duration

Delivered online, this course can be taken anytime, anywhere between January 13th and May 31st 2014. Participants will be encouraged to engage with course content for approximately 20 hours.

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