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This project uses the benefits of multimedia to present the topic of x-rays in an interactive manner that may appeal to many students. The use of animation on the site illustrates some difficult concepts in an engaging way. The use of a glossary in “pop-up” form helps students to overcome the difficulty of technical terms. Internal links are used to allow students to explore the topic in a way that meets their individual needs, at a pace that suits them. The use of external links allows students to pursue aspects of the topic that appeal to them, in greater depth.

Curriculum Addressed

Modern Physics is divided into two areas for Leaving Certificate…the electron and the nucleus. X-rays is one of four units in the electron section of modern physics. The aim of this project is to provide a resource for students that would meet the needs of a higher level Leaving Certificate student while still being accessible to Transition Year students who might have more time to explore the wider topic of x-rays. The objectives are to enable students to understand· How x-rays are produced· How x-rays relate to the rest of physics· What are the distinctive properties of x-rays · What are the applications and hazards of x-rays.The project goes beyond the needs of the syllabus in a few areas in the interests of a more rounded education on x-rays. These areas are; diffraction, spectra, absorption and theory, where only the general concepts are required and not the depth of treatment provided in this unit. The historical background is also developed beyond the needs of the syllabus.

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