Why Water Wanders - OSMOSIS

Why Water Wanders – OSMOSIS

Secondary School: Senior Cycle» Biology

Project Type:

This unit could be described as “Osmosis To Go” for the Leaving Certificate student and her teacher. Osmosis is a small but very important area of the syllabus, which can be tricky for the student to grasp and remember correctly. The project also addresses one of the mandatory experiments, completion of which is vital for the terminal examination. Here we have a step-by-step learning tool, starting with explanation aided by animation, moving on through on-screen demonstration of other students’ experimentation, followed by a “try it yourself” interactive section. At the end is a simple quiz, and everything is available for student or teacher to print out for offline use. A teacher could use it with a class before doing the experiment, useful for a student who has missed class time, useful for revision purposes also.Another use that could be made of this project would be to target it as a “non-prescriptive” activity, allowing the Ordinary level student to work online using the links suggested in the site it while the teacher is working on the Higher level extended material.

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