Where is It? Preposition in Photos

Primary School» English

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This is a website which is aimed at Junior Primary level. The objective is to teach basic prepositions e.g. IN , ON , UNDER, INFRONT , BEHIND, BETWEEN , BESIDE, ABOVE , BELOW. The aim is to use an interactive whiteboard so that the students are actively engaged in their learning. Many students come into Junior Infants with poor oral language abilities and this resource will attempt to target the specific area of prepositions. It is also possible that this resource will be useful to teachers teaching students whose first language is not English.

Curriculum Addressed: English

Developing cognitive abilities through Oral Language.

Strand Unit : focus on descriptive detail and begin to be explicit in relation to people, places, times, processes, events, colour, shape, size and position.

Strand Unit: Receptiveness to Oral Language

Strand Unit: Listen to Stories, Instructions and Directions and respond to them.

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