Tom Crean – Ireland’s Antarctic Hero

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This website focuses in on the curriculum subject of SESE –mainly History and Geography. This project gives a brief introduction to the life of the Antarctic Hero Tom Crean. The website goes through the life of Tom Crean and has various activities along the way. It touches on the various different explorations that Tom Crean was involved in and how he overcame all difficulties against the odds.

Curriculum Addressed

Skills and Concepts development: Working as a historian – time and chronology, change and continuity, empathy,using evidence.

Strand: Story
Strand Unit: Stories from the lives of people in the past.

Strand: Life, society, work and culture in the past.
Strand Unit: Life in the 19th Century

Strand: Continuity and changeover time.

Stand Unit: Transport, Clothes.


Strand: Human Environments
Strand Unit: People and other lands.

Strand: Natural Environments
Strand Unit: Weather, climate and atmosphere.

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