The Cyber Chase – Web Treasure Hunt

Primary School» Cultural Awareness» History» Mathematics» Science

Project Type:

The Cyber Chase - Web Treasure hunt is designed to direct teachers and students to Web sites that have solid educational content relevant to various areas of the Revised Curriculum. The unit guides students around 5 websites, encouraging active participation while looking at site content by integrating the visit into a Treasure Hunt. Students must first find answers to several questions before they can progress to the next web site. Each progression provides students with the co-ordinates to an island that must be plotted on a world map; discovering the name of the final destination, the ‘Treasure Island’, allow students to play a selection of on-line Java games. The unit encourages collaboration of students in teams consisting of four or five fellow students and activities from this unit can be spread over several visits to the computer room and Internet.

Suitable For

The unit is suitable for students in fifth and sixth class in Primary School or 1st year, Post Primary.

Curriculum Addressed

Science Natural Environments – Arctic
Historical events - Shackleton
Maths – logical thinking
Cultural diversity.

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